Ren, Rhekarid
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Infectious decay, near-undeath, tumorous clones
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OOC HistoryEdit

Carnivale was a collaboration between the creators Ren and Rhekarid, taking part in a theme challenge. The character's final record was 6 wins and 3 losses.

Character BiographyEdit

The character revolves around Lilith, a woman with a terrible disease that rots her flesh but does not kill her, and Clay, a man with a parasitic half-formed conjoined twin inside his body. The two of them are sideshow acts in a traveling carnival, and together share a grim secret; at night they find a patron wandering the grounds late after the show and subdue them, allowing Lilith to eat them alive and give the leftovers to Clay. In doing so, Lilith maintains her life and the miserably depressed Clay briefly feels happiness by pleasing his "brother," Aaron.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lilith's rotting body is barely held together in human shape, and when necessary she can effectively melt, letting the decayed tissue fall apart. She does this when in contact with another human, digesting them with her entire body and absorbing the healthy flesh into her own. Though seemingly weak, she can easily recover, as her body is already basically dead and no worse off by losing its shape.

Clay's unborn brother is embedded in his digestive system, always trying to grow a body of his own but unable to do so. Given food, it produces many small, incomplete human shapes, malformed duplicates that have only moments of life, but actively seek anyone they can find in that time in a desire to consume them and continue growing.