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Solo Villain
Mass numbers, teleportation
Family Reunion
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"Creathers back to worlds less binding! Creathers free from darkness blinding!"

OOC HistoryEdit

Creathers is Rhekarid's fourteenth character and his first to reach the Hall of Fame, with a league record of 8-3.

Character BiographyEdit

The Creathers are strange beasts, bound into a book of the same name. Later discovered to have been written by Kadjerak, the book is crude and simplistic in appearance, as if made by and for children. It contains an equally crude and simplistic poem that, when read aloud, is a binding and summoning spell. The reader becomes unable to stop speaking, and the powers of the book protect them, warding off anything that would try to separate them. For the length of time it takes to read the poem, the Creathers are conjured into the world.

The beings themselves are in a way the embodiment of magic words, existing in great power only temporarily, but never defeated, as anyone could potentially speak them again. Their numbers are essentially infinite, as there are no borders or limits to language and who can speak/write it. The Creathers speak in simple rhyme and have a penchant for theft, mischief, and destruction, just as magic words appear from nothing and wreak havoc upon the norm. When the poem is finished they vanish back to their world, the book (and reader) often disappearing as well, only to turn up elsewhere.

Family ReunionEdit

After the three brothers are killed, the Creathers emerge from the book without it being read, in response to the author's death. They mock the witch Samantha for her foolish life choices and steal the body of Kadjerak, implying that with the author's blood they can free themselves. They have not been seen since.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

By far the greatest asset of the Creathers is their numbers. They pour constantly from the dimensional rift by the thousands and do not die, those who are defeated simply rising back up. Though not strong individually, they can easily overwhelm a target. The true weakness in their power is the book and its reader, which opens the door to their world; unless the poem is stopped, nothing can stop more of them from flooding through. Their transitory nature makes them only thinly attached to the world, and entire armies of them can vanish and scatter across the ether, reappearing wherever they wish.