Hasmed Dolor


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The Fallen
Enormous physical power, near-instant adaption/assimilation
Annihilation Cast
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OOC HistoryEdit

Hasmed Dolor was Rhekarid's seventh character, and ended its career with a 1-3 record. It was part of a trio with Samael and Morael Formidonis, and the adaptive qualities that were part of the character were planned to be used in updates; if it were successful, it would add a new power copied from each of the characters it had beaten.

Character BiographyEdit

Another of Samael's experiments, Hasmed was designed to be a test subject that would never die under the strain of the tests, and so was altered to be durable and capable of rapid adaption to duress. When the body began changing too frequently and became dangerous, it was sealed inside the Annihilation Cast so that control could be kept. This proved disastrous, however, as Hasmed adapted to the cast and merged with it, becoming nearly impossible to contain and going berserk. Eventually Samael released it, both to be rid of it and observe its behavior on the surface. Hasmed adapted to freedom as well, suddenly shifting from obeisance to hatred of its creator.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite its brutish appearance and behavior, Hasmed Dolor is also intelligent, and rapidly adjusts its thought processes in the presence of new information. It is capable not only of evolving to fit the situation, but also of adapting its body to new things and assimilating them.


Hasmed wears the Annihilation Cast, a pseudo-organic shell that was built to reject all atomic structures not like its own, thereby becoming something of a near-impenetrable "hole" in reality. Because nothing gets in or out, Hasmed is virtually indestructible.