The Door

The Door

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Mass haunting
Lock and Key
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*Day 7. Had another one of those nightmares. Locked it in the closet like the first. Need more chains. He should be here soon. I feel things running over the surface of my body when I close my eyes. Stomach hurts. It’s still growing.

OOC HistoryEdit

The Door is Rhekarid's fifty-fourth character, and his last before the new 2009 iteration of the FPL. It is a continuation/remake of the older character Segur Agrippa. It ended its run with a score of 12-1, and was the final FPL character to win the Main Event before the 2009 version change.

Character BiographyEdit

A devoted researcher of the bizarre, Barath Leinen has amassed many rare and unknown pieces of antiquity, and formed relationships with creatures that few even in Khazan know exist. In his scouring he discovers an item once touched by Segur Agrippa that survived the purge to wipe his memory from existence and keeps it for himself, too eager for a one-time chance for study a truly unique object. The item is kept in his closet for safekeeping.

Unfortunately power lingers in the item and begins to corrupt everything around it, reaching out to Barath in his sleep and nearly causing him to say Segur Agrippa's name out loud, which would risk creating even the slightest tether between him and the world and potentially cause him to return. Though Barath cuts out his own tongue and shuts it in the closet as a precaution, the corruption continues to spread.

Eventually the closet door is replaced with thick metal and chained shut, as Barath becomes increasingly deranged, locking even his nightmares inside. Deaths take place near the door, and the spirits of the dead are corrupted as well, becoming untouchable to any afterlife. Bound to the door and terrified of it, but unable to go anywhere else, the ghosts become increasingly twisted and insane, attacking every living thing that comes near to keep them from touching the door. Those killed are touched by the same taint, and the Door becomes a focus of mad ghosts, Barath's house a haunted and terrible place.

Lock and KeyEdit

When the spirits surrounding the door are temporarily bound to Number 88, The Archivist is tricked into taking the chance to open the Door. This finally cements the link between the world and Segur Agrippa and he begins to approach, destroying the Archivist's ability to perceive the world as he is drawn into the Door. Before he appears, however, the chaos beast destroying Khazan arrives. Recoiling from the presence, it banishes the entire section of land containing Barath's house to another location, including even the portion of its consciousness that became aware of it. Where the Door finished opening is currently unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Door itself has little power beyond its spreading taint, though by design it is extremely durable. The hauntings that protect it, however, can dramatically twist nature and perception, reacting with the fury of a wounded animal to anything that enters the house and often leaving them dead before they even realize they've gone insane.