Gigs, Chakos
Alter Ego
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Controlled Lycanthropy, High level of Magical Ability, Limited Clairaudiance, Telepathy, Vast Magical Knowledge, Astral Projection, High levels of Astral Power and Influence while shapeshifted.


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Like all Brothers, years of training and access to the Shallow Guild's resources has made Vyras incredibly powerful. She possesses an extremely high level of magical ability, which can be directed in any number of ways. She also possesses limited clairvoyant abilities which manifests itself as clairaudiance. As a lycanthrope, Vyras has the ability to physically transform into a werewolf possessing incredible physical speed, strength, and stamina. Thanks to many years of practice, and the Guild's far from trivial amount of knowledge concerning the condition, Vyras possesses full control over her transformations (she is not at the mercy of the full moon, for example), although she does still suffer from the classical weaknesses of a were-creature while shapeshifted (most notably an aversion/allergy to silver). With years of experience as a lycanthrope, Vyras has tamed the bestial instincts which generally overcome were-creatures and retains her human consciousness and knowledge at all times. Due to the shamanistic and 'baser' roots of her condition, Vyras' abilities in the Astral plane are increased exponentially while shapeshifted, rivaling or surpassing that of any other Brother in the Guild.


As a Brother, the not insignificant resources of the Khazanian Guildhall are at Vyras' disposal. Again, like most Brothers Vyras carries any number of magically enchanted objects at any given time.

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