Shadow's Forge
Alter Ego
Andrix Kelmahen
Magic-enhanced human
Team affiliations
The Twelve
Notable aliases
None known
Environmental communion and manipulation
Main Event Winner

Zone is a displaced Nelthari native from a universe outside of Khazan. He is a member of The Twelve, a group of young, super-powered orphans and runaways. Created by Shadow's Forge in September of 2007.

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Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Through the interaction of other magicks with his inherent Nelthari environmental sight, Zone's powers have changed from the simple, passive abilities of the Nelthari natives into something entirely new.

By touching the ground with his hands, Zone sends out a "pulse" of energy that literally links him to the environment around him in an approximately four hundred yard-wide sphere. Through this, the parts of the area around him become his eyes, ears, and hands: he can "see" through blades of grass, hear through the hollows of beer mugs, and feel the pounding of feet on cobblestones.

Zone can also affect the environment within his zone of control. He can cause sinkholes to appear in the ground, cause rocks to be flung forward, manipulate a hill into the form of a massive beast, or form razor-toothed dragons out of streamwater. He can also harness his ability for support, such as calling up cover or forming handholds on a sheer wall. Within his area of control, Zone can also lock down other environmental magicks.

Zone is unable to control air or fire.